Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Accidentally Watched Separate Shows And Couldn't Even Tell

When the first episode of Fafnir dropped, I was eager to get my circle to hate me and forced them to watch it with me. Little did I know, one of us downloaded the wrong show, and nobody even noticed until a few days later.
That's Fafnir. With an I.
Two shows are airing this season, one of which has Fafnir in the title, and the other which has Fafner. Unfortunately, that's what we're calling them, and of course it's confusing. When we want to watch Fafnir, the magical light novel adaptation, one of us downloaded Fafner instead.
After we started watching, nothing we said triggered a "wait, what the hell am I watching?" from him, nor vice versa. Anything we pointed out, he reasonably applied to his show, and anything we said, we applied to ours.
Why did they bomb this city just to destroy a monster? Wait, that must be backstory, since we haven't seen any cities yet. They're all talking about dragons now? Oh, must be these aliens in the city.
Fafner. Make sure to download this if someone wants to watch Fafnir with you!
It was hilarious to realize that we had no idea what we were doing. Once we figured it out, I immediately said that we have to do this in reverse, so we did. You know, because it's funny.
Fafner was incredibly boring to me. A large part of that is most likely due to not being invested in it. However, the first episode was mostly an infodump, and a bunch of "action" where it's just a close face shot with a shaky cam, or bad CGI. At least the background CGI was okay, even if weird. The guy who already watched Fafner said it was incredibly boring, and from the same perspective, I agree.
As he watched Fafnir, he kept going on as each thing was yet another typical otakubait trope, one after another. He even said that Testament (of this season) was better than it. Obviously, he didn't like Fafnir.
As far as sitting down and doing this goes, it wasn't worth it.

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